3 Big Myths About “We Buy Houses” – Busted!

If a situation sounds too good to be true, there is likely some level of deception, right? You may think it’s impossible for a professional homebuyer to contact you and give you a fair price for your house. Let us help debunk these myths! We want nothing more than for you not to miss out on the incredible chance of having a win-win scenario with one of our buyers.

Myths About Home Buyers

Big Myth #1 – Professional Homebuyers Take Advantage Of You

If you find yourself facing the stress of an old, dilapidated home or a foreclosure situation, you may have heard rumors about predatory professional homebuyers taking advantage of your predicament. This is simply not true! The reality is that experienced real estate investors will work with you to ensure that your property’s value is maximized and all parties are satisfied in the transaction.

BUSTED – Pro Homebuyers Seek Win-Win Cash Offers To Help Sellers Sell Fast

Professional home buyers work in close collaboration with investors to offer you a fair and profitable deal, granting you cash for your property as-is. Working diligently to ensure achievable win-win solutions that cater to selling homes quickly, these home buying companies are honest and ethical businesses that prioritize their reputation above all else if they wish to remain successful. Do your homework, read reviews, check with the local Better Business Bureau for complaints, to find reputable homebuyers like Property Pro Solutions.

Big Myth #2 – Professional Homebuyers Have Last Minute Hidden Fees

You may have heard homebuyers are like the old sneaky used car salesman. These individuals get you excited about a great deal, then after hours of negotiation and a decision, the “fine” print of the extra costs emerge, and you are completely frustrated and disappointed.

BBB accredited business
We are an accredited BBB Business

BUSTED – Honest Homebuyers Like Property Pro Solutions Do Not Have Any Hidden Fees

Although there are always con-artists out there, they don’t stay in the industry for long. Word of their dubious activities spread quickly and reviews on Google or Facebook unveil their misdeeds expeditiously. You can check out Property Pro Solutions reviews here. When you receive an offer from us as professional homebuyers, we are wholeheartedly devoted to our proposal and ensure complete transparency so that your decision is based on all of the facts. No hidden fees or surprises; just great service with no strings attached!

Big Myth #3 – You Will Be Forced To Pay for Repairs

The tale goes a little like this: A fair offer is made, yet the buyers return with news before the deal can be finalized that an inspection revealed major problems requiring funds from you to ensure its completion.

BUSTED – Reputable Homebuyers Will Not Force You To Pay For Repairs

When homebuyers with legitimate intentions come to your property, they are skilled in examining it carefully enough that they can present an equitable offer without asking you to pay for any repairs. So if one tries to force you into doing so, steer clear of them, because such people cannot be trusted.

Need To Sell A Property In Maryland? Property Pro Solutions Can Help You Understand Your Options

Whether you’re dealing with a foreclosure, an inherited home that needs some TLC or any other housing scenario, we have the solutions. Here is an overview of our process and how to get in contact with us. Make sure to check our reviews from satisfied home sellers that we have helped. Start the process today by filling out this simple form and we will contact you right away.

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