Pros and Cons of a Direct Sale of Your House in Bel Air MD

When you’re ready to sell your home, you have a few options: listing with a real estate agent, selling on your own, or working with a direct buyer. If you’re not sure which route is best for you, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. In this article you’ll find exactly what you need to know about selling your home directly to a buyer in Bel Air MD. Have bad tenants? Did you inherit a house you’re trying to get rid of? Behind on mortgage payments or just struggling to sell your home in MD? A direct sale of your house may be your best option.

Pro – No Realtor Commissions

At Property Pro Solutions, we don’t believe that you should have to pay expensive commissions just to sell your house. We will never charge you a commission on the sale of your property- no matter what the sales price is. Compare our rates with traditional real estate agents on our comparison page and see for yourself how much money you could save by working with us.

Pro – No Repairs Needed

Unless your home is brand new or perfect, you will have to spend some money to fix it up. If your house needs a lot of work, you might be facing thousands of dollars in repairs. Unfortunately, you might end up discovering even more expenses in hidden repairs. Homeowners are mostly always surprised to see that inspection reports come back with many issues which lower the sales price even further. Our buyers are prepared to buy immediately with no inspections, meaning if a large problem is found after you sign the papers, you will not be responsible for any fees.

Pro – Skip Time Consuming Showings

A direct sale of your home in Bel Air can be the easiest and best way to sell because you don’t have to deal with an open house or scheduled showings. Open houses can be a huge pain to prepare for and usually require you to deep clean your entire house.

Pro – Quick Closings

Working with Property Pro Solutions, you are guaranteed a faster closing; some in as little as 7 days. If you want to cash-in on your equity immediately, then utilizing a cash buyer is the best way to achieve that goal. With a real estate sale being done in all cash, there’s no need to wait around for appointments with inspectors or appraisers. Also, without having to worry if the buyers’ financing will go through–which often falls through anyways–you won’t be left in an awkward situation where the deal might not go through.

Pro – No Holding Costs

To save money, you can sell your Bel Air home directly without having to wait for a buyer. This way, you won’t have to pay two mortgages, or rent on top of your mortgage, if you’ve already moved or incur any other holding costs.

Pro – No Marketing Expenses To Sell

Top real estate agents aren’t afraid to spend money on marketing and repairs, which means having an open credit card account. If you want to avoid expensive stagers, photographers, and drone pilots, sell your home directly to a cash buyer like Property Pro Solutions.

we buy houses in Bel Air MD
Keep the Old Kitchen! We buy houses in Bel Air “As-Is”, meaning you don’t have to change a thing.

Con – Less than Market Value

When you work with a direct buyer, they will help you come to an agreement about your home’s value. Usually, the final price is close to their original offer. Even though selling Bel Air houses outright may not get as high of a return initially, in many cases it’s worth it because of the money and time saved by sidestepping listing fees and other charges associated with going through a real estate agent.

Property Pro Solutions is a premier home buying company in Harford County MD that specializes in helping sellers get more for their homes. We work with sellers in all situations to help them sell their properties quickly and without fees. We are actively buying houses in the markets of Baltimore, Have De Grace, Parkville, Fallston, Jarrettsville, and more! Reach out to us via our contact page to learn more.

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